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Introducing: The Watch Cone

We're a new Chicago-based company started by watch enthusiasts just like you. Our mission is to elevate and protect your timepiece by solving a very specific problem - the countless microscratches caused by improper storage while off the wrist.

The Watch Cone is modern, minimalist, and the perfect size for your nightstand or desk. It prominently displays your frequently worn watches, while protecting from scratches they could get from hard surfaces.

The Watch Cone

The Watch Cone on Nightstand

still leaving your watches on your desk or nightstand?

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Used by many all over the world

The Watch Cone in front of Chicago

Every watch needs a home away from the wrist.

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"I wish I had The Watch Cone before I scratched up my clasp wearing it at my desk! Now I keep it protected and enjoy the distraction every now and then while working." - Mark, Los Angeles, CA